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Get ready to taste the ultimate Bloody Mary.

At Blood Brothers, passion is the single most important ingredient in all our products. We’re obsessed with quality and freshness. Every bottle of Blood Brothers Bloody Mary Mix contains our hand-crafted recipe that features a robust blend of spices, fresh natural ingredients, and award winning flavor. We also offer an entire line of Bloody Good sauces and accessories.

Super Pepper

We searched the world over to find the mother of all peppers to give it it’s signature taste.

Fresh Ingredients

We’re obsessed with quality and freshness, so we use only the freshest and most natural ingredients.

Robust Spices

We've developed a unique robust blend of spices to create our award-wining, one-of-a-kind taste.


We now offer a special CBD-infused blend that provides all of the exciting benefits of cannabinoids.


Every bottle of Blood Brothers Premium Bloody Mary Mix is hand-crafted according to our special family recipe.

Our Family Story

It All Started With Blood Shots

Blood Brothers Bloody Mary Mix is a tribute to our father, Ken Hoover, and his wife Diane’s homemade Blood Shot recipe. Following Diane’s passing, Blood Shots became our way of celebrating her life at Sunday dinners and family gatherings. Friends and family urged our Father to serve Blood Shots at his bar in Tempe, AZ. They were an instant hit.

To celebrate Blood Shots’ success, my brothers and I set out to bottle the recipe and start selling it to friends, local restaurants, and neighborhood bars. Tragically, one week before we were to receive the first packaged bottle, Ken died. As a result, each of the brothers went their separate ways and the product sat idly on the shelf.

Several months later, I found renewed passion to launch Blood Brothers as a tribute to Ken and Diane’s inspiring lust for life and a path to bring me and my brothers back together under a family business.

Blood Brothers’ success to date has not only become a dream come true, but a fitting tribute to an incredible family bond.

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